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Have you been having issues with a damaged or decayed tooth? Our dentist, Dr. Zana Alnaqib is happy to offer porcelain dental crowns for our patients in the Scottsdale, Arizona area who need to restore a tooth. Smiles by Design offers a variety of dental restoration services for ailing teeth. Our porcelain dental crowns are the perfect solution for a tooth which does not need to be extracted.

Why might you need a crown for your smile? You might benefit from a crown if you have the following:

Cracked Tooth Syndrome: If you have fractures within a tooth and it hurts when you chew on it, a crown can help alleviate the problem. You see, when you chew food it can exert pressure on the fracture lines and create pain. With a crown, the stress on the fractures is distributed evenly, helping to relieve tooth pain.

Dental Filling: If your tooth is fractured or decayed for over half the width of the tooth, a crown will restore the tooth effectively and attractively, to avoid further damaging the tooth.

Root Canal: If you have had a root canal, you will require a crown to prevent the tooth from cracking.

Worn Down Tooth: Grinding or clenching your teeth can cause your teeth to wear down over time, as can acid erosion which erodes tooth enamel.

A dental crown is the perfect solution for restoring a damaged smile. So whether you need a crown to anchor and attach a dental bridge or complete a dental implant, our porcelain dental crowns can help. At Smiles by Design in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Zana Alnaqib and our team look forward to helping you maintain your healthy smile. Please call 480-359-2227 today!