At Smiles by Design, we use dental wax-ups to help you see what your smile could look like after one or more specific treatments. This convenient and simple technology requires only a dental impression from you, and it allows you and Dr. Zana Alnaqib to discuss and confirm treatments before proceeding. For more information about dental wax-ups in Scottsdale, Arizona, and to schedule your consultation with our dentist, please call our office at 480-359-2227.

Once our team has taken an impression of your mouth, we can create a unique model of your smile. Based on your specific dental needs and your desires for your smile, our dentist can then make adjustments to the appearance of the model to demonstrate the results of your proposed treatment plan. These adjustments may include replacing one or more missing teeth, repairing teeth that are broken or chipped, smoothing out uneven spots on teeth, adjusting the shape of teeth, closing spaces and gaps in between teeth, evening out the gum line, and more.

Dental wax-ups are useful in showing you how your smile can look following treatment, as well as aiding Dr. Zana Alnaqib in planning your unique dental treatment and its results. We invite you to contact our office today to learn more about how we use dental wax-ups at Smiles by Design.