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By now you probably know that your teeth are susceptible to discoloration and staining from the foods you eat and drink. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if a food or drink can stain your clothing, it can also do the same to your pearly whites.

Whether you love your daily cup of joe or cranberry juice with your breakfast, like to eat blueberries for dessert or beets with your lunch, you will want to take protective measures to limit staining and discoloration. Dr. Zana Alnaqib and our team are happy to share the following tips to help you keep a bright smile:

What You Can Do to Prevent Tooth Discoloration

1- Clean your chompers after eating or drinking staining foods. Take a moment to brush and floss your smile by removing residue. Using an antibacterial mouthwash can also help prevent plaque from forming on your pearly whites and making them susceptible to sticking stains.

2- Use a straw to enjoy the drinks you love. Whether you are downing fruit juices or soda, iced lattes or your favorite tea, a straw will help keep the staining agents from discoloring the visible areas of your teeth.

3- Do you need another reason to give up tobacco? Tobacco is notorious for staining teeth, so not only does it affect your body’s health, it affects the look and health of your smile. Tobacco stained teeth aren’t pretty to look at, and neither is oral cancer.

4- Regular dental cleanings will go a long way to keeping your smile vibrant, and will allow us to assist you in maintaining flawless teeth. We offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening systems for our patients who need to lighten their smile.

So don’t give up spaghetti sauce or wine with your dinner, just know how to protect your smile as you enjoy your life. Our Smiles by Design team in Scottsdale, Arizona is here to help you keep your smile stellar.

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