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Oral cancer is a dangerous disease that can result in death if it’s not treated. Our Smiles by Design team does everything we can to help you prevent as well as treat this condition, which is why we offer oral cancer screenings in Scottsdale, Arizona.

An oral cancer screening is a simple treatment that gives your dentist, Dr. Zana Alnaqib, the chance to identify oral cancer at the early stages of development. This makes it possible to keep the disease from destroying your smile and overall health. To help you learn a little more about the screening, our team is happy to provide the answers to the following questions:

What is involved in the screening?
The screening is a simple process that first involves your dentist visually examining your oral cavity. Dr. Zana Alnaqib will look for red or white sores or any other sign of cancer. Then, she will put on a pair of plastic gloves and will feel your oral tissues for lumps or other abnormalities. If you wear dentures, you will be asked to take them out so your dentist can examine the tissues underneath them.

What if a sore is found?
If your dentist finds a sore in your mouth, additional testing may be needed. Typically, your dentist will perform a biopsy, which is a test that involves your dentist removing some of the abnormal cells and testing those cells for cancer. This is the best way to know if the sore in your mouth is cancerous or not.

Who could benefit from an oral cancer screening?
Generally, the people who would benefit the most from an oral cancer screening are those who:

-Use tobacco products, like cigarettes, pipes, cigars, and chewing tobacco
-Drink alcohol heavily
-Have a previous history of oral cancer
-Have been significantly exposed to the sun

As you may already know, oral cancer screenings are extremely beneficial, so if you want to take advantage of this treatment, please call 480-359-2227 today and schedule an appointment. Our team will be happy to examine your smile and search for signs of oral cancer.